Sleep Benefits

Our Premium Alpaca Luxury Duvet range is filled with high quality medium and strong fibres to achieve the desired loft, warmth and comfort required for a luxury duvet.

Our Exclusive Baby Alpaca Luxury Duvet range is filled with Royal Baby and baby alpaca fibre. This range is exquisitely soft, light, lofty and exclusive, with a very limited quantity produced annually.

Serena Alpaca Luxury Duvets are of exceptional quality, with no corners being cut to produce the end product. That means our duvets do not contain only the best fibre.

The entire process of creating a Serena Alpaca Duvet is cruelty free. We really do love alpacas which is why we make sure they are cared for and nurtured to the best of our ability.  We know that happy alpacas make for the most luxurious of fleeces which is why our alpacas are treated with the utmost respect, free to roam the land, living natural lives among the herd. The shearing process is done by a professional alpaca shearer, with 10years experience. Each alpaca is handled with care, sheared with precision and surrounded by carers they know and trust. 

Our luxury duvets are ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies as each duvet is made using luxury 100% cotton casing and filled with pure alpaca fibre that contains no lanolin or body oils, making it naturally hypoallergenic.

By its very nature, alpaca fibre is exceptionally good at insulating and regulating temperature as well as being light in weight. In each fibre of alpaca fleece are microscopic air pockets whose job is to regulate temperature. The alpaca fibres essentially breathe, acting like a natural thermostat that adjusts to suit one’s body temperature!

Our Luxury Duvets have been meticulously designed. We have adjusted and perfected the fibre fill weight to make them perfect for year round use and every season. This is in part due to the natural insulating and temperature regulating qualities of alpaca fibre, making it the fibre of choice for a year round, luxury duvet. It is only in extremely cold temperatures and depending on your natural body heat that you may need to add a light blanket to keep you extra warm but we can ensure you do not have to purchase two different duvet weights to guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep when purchasing our duvet. More than that, our duvets are meticulously crafted to adhere to international quality standards, ensuring that they will last for as long as they are loved.

Our unique pocketing design consists of multilayered compartments that keep the fleece evenly distributed throughout the duvet- avoiding that frustration of less luxury duvets where the inner filling clumps. It is a design that means we can be confident in our duvets ability in sustaining loft, eliminating clumping and reducing cold spots. This well thought out design was engineered as inspired by triple glazed windows- a product known for providing optimum insulation.

The 100% cotton outer casing has a tight downproof weave which protects the fibres from pesky critters like mites and insects – even moisture! If liquid is spilt onto the duvet, the downproof cotton casing will delay the absorption of the liquid allowing you time to quickly dab it dry with a towel or hair dryer. This makes our duvets especially perfect for spillage-prone children and those with sensitive skin.

DO NOT WASH. DO NOT IRON. We recommend using the power of the sun to care for your duvet. At least twice a year you should air your duvet in direct sunlight for a few hours and fluff it out. This time tested method will ensure you protect your duvet, keeping it fresh and maintaining the same luxury quality as when you first slept under it. If you spill liquid onto your duvet, quickly dab it with a towel to remove the excess moisture and dry it off with a hair dryer. If the liquid has completely soaked through, take soapy water and gently wash the area that has been impacted to remove the liquid, pat dry and immediately blow dry.

We are a boutique manufacturer producing a maximum of 2000 luxury duvets each year. It’s this slow and loving process that ensures each duvet is given a high level of attention and care throughout the entire making journey and, as a result, that you have the most luxurious and peaceful night’s sleep.

We offer a 5 year limited manufacturing warranty against materials and workmanship. We stand behind our product’s superior quality and finishing in bringing you long-lasting luxury and comfort.

Togs are set to measure the thermal resistance of a duvet and are commonly used as a measure of quality by customers when purchasing your average duvet. However the tog value does not reflect the levels of comfort a duvet will bring. Typically, the tog rating given to a duvet does not consider the type of fibre used in the duvet and many manufacturers of wool duvets suggest the tog rating should only be applied to synthetic fibre duvets- not natural fibres like alpaca. A very warm 12 tog duvet may appear to be ideal during an ice cold winter but it might result in disturbing night sweats if it’s synthetic or the down has ‘clumped’ causing hot and cold spots. That’s why we don’t use a tog value per se when describing our duvets. We know, because of the brilliant nature of alpaca fibre, that our duvets will always result in a comfortable, luxurious night’s sleep.