Our alpaca herd make up the greatest proportion of the Serena family, with us currently caring for over 220 alpacas within the rolling hills of our 77 hectare farm. That makes Serena Alpacas the largest herd of alpacas in Africa and it is a number that is growing each year. Take a few minutes to watch the video and meet our herd…

If you aren’t familiar with these beautiful creatures, alpacas are animals revered as having a certain majestic presence. Our herd is made up of a breed called ‘Huacaya’, which translated from Quecha means ‘sacred soul.’ Not at all surprising for an animal famed for having a captivating and calming effect on all who meet them.

Beyond their personalities, alpacas are special for the nature of their fleece. Having originated from South America, high up in the mountainous Andes, alpacas naturally developed a fleece that kept them comfortable in extreme temperatures; from 25°C in the day to -20°C during the night. Within each fibre of the fleece is a microscopic air pocket that enhances insulation, adds to the beautifully soft texture of the fleece and keeps the fibre light in weight. For thousands of years the Andean people have lovingly fashioned this special fleece into clothing and blankets and it has been traditionally considered both a symbol of status and a prized item for trading. The finest grades of alpaca fleece were reserved for use by nobility and were a sign of sheer prosperity and abundance. Understandably, many refer to this luxury fibre as the ‘fibre of the Gods’ and it is for this reason that we craft our duvets from alpaca fibre, celebrating its warmth, luxury, softness and light weight by encasing it in pure cotton for a peaceful night sleep every night of the year.

We really do love our herd which is why we make sure each alpaca is cared for and nurtured to the best of our ability. For us, that means we use selective breeding techniques that are natural and non invasive. We carefully select our males based on the characteristics of their fibre so a new generation of alpacas is birthed with longer, softer and more uniform fleece. Even more than that, we know that happy alpacas make for the most luxurious of fleeces which is why our alpacas are treated with the utmost respect, free to roam our extensive and well cared for land, living natural lives among the herd.

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