It is here, at the mill, where the magic happens and our beautiful alpaca fleece is taken through a careful process that results in a lovingly made, luxury duvet. The same love and nature-led methods that we apply to our land and herd of alpacas doesn’t stop at the mill door but continues through our eco-friendly process of producing your Serena Alpacas’ Luxury Duvet.

That means that no toxic waste is produced during the making of our duvets. We only use natural, biodegradable cleaning solutions to wash and prepare the precious alpaca fibres, and it is this environmentally conscious approach that means we can proudly say our fleece maintains its natural, hypoallergenic properties.

More technically, we have designed a wash system that reduces wash water consumption by 84%. The hot water we use to thoroughly wash our fleece is heated to 80°C by four large solar power geysers; dramatically reducing our energy costs thus helping the environment.

After the fleece has been carefully dried on one of our racks it passes through the ‘Lulubelle Carding Machine,’ turning the fleece into a soft, fluffy, ‘cotton wool’ like texture while removing any grit and vegetation that got caught up in the fibre. At the duvet filler station the fleece is laid between the first layers of fabric and enclosed with our unique pocketing design. Next, the pure cotton fabric layers are draped over the base layer, our logo is precisely stitched onto the fabric and the edges are neatly bound.

The final stage of the process at the mill sees the finished duvet guided through a quality control check before being Serena stamped and approved, beautifully packaged and sent off to its new, happy owner, set to provide them with a lifetime of luxury, peaceful sleeps.

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